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Date D   Description Plat. Author
2011-10-08   kernel-2.6.30 2010 Local Root Exploit 41 LOCAL Th3 L0rd Dilaw
2011-10-08   BlazeVideo HDTV Player 6.6 Professional Universal DEP+ASLR Bypass 45 LOCAL modpr0be
2011-10-08   PolicyKit Pwnage: linux local privilege escalation on polkit-1 <= 0.101 58 LOCAL zx2c4
2011-09-29   Norman Security Suite 8 (nprosec.sys) Local Privilege Escalation 0day 31 LOCAL Xst3nZ
2011-09-28   SafeKeyNet FTP Server Remote BOF Exploit (SEH) 27 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-28   Cliprex Lite Player(.ASF) Local Buffer Overflow 30 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-27   GTA SA-MP server.cfg Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 33 LOCAL Silent_Dream
2011-09-27   Muse Music All-In-One .pls File Buffer Overflow (DEP Bypass) 23 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-09-26   Tuber Player (.XM) Local Buffer Overflow 19 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-26   Dziobas Rar Player Local Buffer Overflow 27 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-26   aTunes Player Local Buffer Overflow 22 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-26   SEasy Karaoke Player buffer overflow EIP Overwrite 32 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-26   eSignal and eSignal Pro <= 10.6.2425.1208 File Parsing Buffer Overflow in QUO 30 LOCAL TecR0c
2011-09-26   Cool Music Editor Local Stack Overflow 27 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-26   MKV TO AVI Converter Local Buffer Overflow(SEH) 69 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-21   AVCon DEP Bypass 15 LOCAL Blake
2011-09-19   AMADIS Video Converter SEH Buffer Overflow Exploit 66 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-19   3GP Video Converter Local Buffer Overflow 25 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-19   Rever Audio Converter(avi To wav)Stack BOF Exploit 33 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-19   ALL IN 1 MOBILE VIDEO Denial of Service POC 30 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-19   Switch Media Editor(.m3u) Local Buffer Overflow Exploit (SEH) 22 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-19   Audio Gold Local Buffer Overflow(SEH) 25 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-09-19   MY MP3 Player 3.0 m3u Exploit DEP Bypass 25 LOCAL Blake
2011-09-19   Mini-Stream Ripper 2.9.7 DEP Bypass 23 LOCAL Blake
2011-09-16   Audio Gold Local Buffer Overflow(SEH) 21 LOCAL Angel Injection