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Date D   Description Plat. Author
2018-11-16   The Powerful Resource of PHP Stream Wrappers 79 PAPERS Netsparker
2018-11-01   Phrack: Viewer Discretion Advised: (De)coding an iOS Kernel Vulnerability (Adam Donenfeld) 35 PAPERS phrack
2018-10-09   A Red Teamer’s guide to pivoting 41 PAPERS Artem Kondratenko
2018-10-08   Phrack: Twenty years of Escaping the Java Sandbox (Ieu Eauvidoum & disk noise) 26 PAPERS phrack
2018-01-15   Phrack: .NET Instrumentation via MSIL bytecode injection (Antonio "s4tan" Parata) 461 PAPERS phrack
2017-08-28   Abusing Token Privileges For LPE 456 PAPERS drone and breenmachine
2017-01-12   OpenSSL - Weak KDF 397 PAPERS anonymous
2014-08-27   SSDP Amplification Scanner 337 PAPERS SaMaN
2014-06-26   [Hacking-Contest] SSH Server wrapper 320 PAPERS Jakob Lell
2012-03-20   Full MSSQL Injection PWNage 501 PAPERS CWH Underground
2011-10-12   Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet 333 PAPERS pentestmonkey
2011-10-09   Beyond SQLi: Obfuscate and Bypass 311 PAPERS ZeQ3uL
2011-06-02   Local File Inclusion to Remote Command Execution using SSH 419 PAPERS LaNMaSteR53
2011-04-27   offsec官方渗透测试报告 1010 PAPERS admin