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Date D   Description Plat. Author
2011-09-05   BisonFTP Server v3.5 (MKD) Remote BOF and Crash Exploit 38 REMOTE KedAns-Dz
2011-09-05   Cerberus FTP Server (REST) Remote BOF and Crash Exploit 51 REMOTE KedAns-Dz
2011-09-05   Citrix Gateway ActiveX Control Stack Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 33 REMOTE sinn3r
2011-08-29   LifeSize Room Command Injection 35 REMOTE Spencer McIntyre
2011-08-29   Sunway Force Control SCADA 6.1 SP3 httpsrv.exe Exploit 36 REMOTE Canberk BOLAT
2011-08-29   RealVNC Authentication Bypass 47 REMOTE hdm
2011-08-25   F-Secure Multiple Products ActiveX SEH Overwrite Vulnerability (Heap Spray) 29 REMOTE 41.w4r10r
2011-08-22   XlightFTP Server v3.7.0 Remote Root BOF Exploit 41 REMOTE KedAns-Dz
2011-08-22   Symantec System Center Alert Management System (hndlrsvc.exe) Arbitrary Command Execution 33 REMOTE MC
2011-08-22   Symantec System Center Alert Management System (xfr.exe) Arbitrary Command Execution 55 REMOTE MC
2011-08-22   HP Easy Printer Care XMLSimpleAccessor Class ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution 35 REMOTE Andrea Micalizzi
2011-08-22   Apache Struts < 2.2.0 Remote Command Execution 36 REMOTE bannedit
2011-08-22   Solarftp v2.1.2 PASV buffer overflow msf module 30 REMOTE Qnix
2011-08-17   Mozilla Firefox 3.6.16 mChannel Object Use After Free Exploit (Win7) 37 REMOTE mr_me
2011-08-17   Sagem Router Fast 3304/3464/3504 Telnet Authentication Bypass 37 REMOTE Elouafiq Ali
2011-08-16   Simple HTTPd 1.42 PUT Request Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 118 REMOTE nion
2011-08-15   SikaBoom Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 337 REMOTE Angel Injection
2011-08-15   MS10-026 Microsoft MPEG Layer-3 Audio Stack Based Overflow 55 REMOTE Yamata Li
2011-08-15   TeeChart Professional ActiveX Control <= 2010.0.0.3 Trusted Integer Dereference 171 REMOTE mr_me
2011-08-11   Mozilla Firefox 3.6.16 mChannel use after free vulnerability 34 REMOTE regenrecht
2011-08-11   BisonFTP Server <=v3.5 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 53 REMOTE localh0t
2011-08-11   HP Data Protector Remote Root Shell for Linux 41 REMOTE SZ
2011-08-11   iPhone/iPad Phone Drive 1.1.1 Directory Traversal 32 REMOTE IRCRASH
2011-08-11   HP JetDirect PJL Query Execution 150 REMOTE Myo Soe
2011-08-11   HP JetDirect PJL Interface Universal Path Traversal 108 REMOTE Myo Soe