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Date D   Description Plat. Author
2011-06-10   7-Technologies IGSS 9 IGSSdataServer .RMS Rename Buffer Overflow 35 REMOTE sinn3r
2011-06-09   Multiple IP Cameras Remote Command Execution 122 REMOTE Roberto Paleari
2011-06-09   ActFax Server FTP Remote BOF (post auth) Bigger Buffer 39 REMOTE b33f
2011-06-08   Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client ActiveX URL Property Download and Execute 46 REMOTE bannedit
2011-06-07   GoldenFTP PASS Stack Buffer Overflow 31 REMOTE bannedit
2011-06-07   IP Power 9258+ Authentication Bypass 42 REMOTE unallocatedspace
2011-06-07   IBM Tivoli Endpoint 4.1.1 Remote SYSTEM Exploit 35 REMOTE Jeremy Brown
2011-06-07   Xitami Web Server 2.5b4 Remote Buffer Overflow (Egghunter) 38 REMOTE Glafkos Charalambous
2011-06-07   Xitami Web Server 2.5b4 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 42 REMOTE mr.pr0n
2011-06-03   GoldenFTP 4.70 PASS Stack Buffer Overflow 41 REMOTE bannedit
2011-06-03   MODACOM URoad-5000 v1450 Remote Command Execution/Backdoor 130 REMOTE Alex Stanev
2011-06-03   Easy~Ftp Server v1.7.0.2 Post-Authentication BoF 91 REMOTE b33f
2011-06-02   iPhone 3g/3gs (safari browser) Remote Exploit 35 REMOTE Caddy-Dz
2011-06-02   Easy Ftp Server v1.7.0.2 Post-Authentication BoF 42 REMOTE b33f
2011-06-01   FestOS <= 2.3c TinyBrowser File Upload Code Execution (meta) 80 REMOTE KedAns-Dz
2011-06-01   7-Technologies IGSS 9 Data Server/Collector Packet Handling Vulnerabilities 34 REMOTE sinn3r
2011-05-31   Apocalypse Remote Administration Tool v1.4 R2 multiple vulnerabilities 121 REMOTE Kevin R.V
2011-05-30   Gadu-Gadu Remote Code Execution 38 REMOTE kacper
2011-05-30   HP Data Protector Client EXEC_SETUP Remote Code Execution PoC (ZDI-11-056) 36 REMOTE fdisk
2011-05-30   HP Data Protector Client EXEC_CMD Remote Code Execution PoC (ZDI-11-055) 40 REMOTE fdisk
2011-05-30   Magneto ICMP ActiveX v4.0.0.20 ICMPSendEchoRequest Remote Code Execute 42 REMOTE boahat
2011-05-26   AWStats Totals 1.14 Remote Command Execution 37 REMOTE patrick
2011-05-19   Cisco Unified Operations Manager Multiple Vulnerabilities 42 REMOTE Sense of Security
2011-05-18   7-Technologies IGSS <= v9.00.00 b11063 IGSSdataServer.exe Stack Overflow 41 REMOTE sinn3r
2011-05-17   XtreamerPRO Media-player Multiple Vulnerabilities 33 REMOTE Itzik Chen